Impressionistic Line & Wash - Robert Newcombe

Tuesday 12th March 2013  


Robert Newcombe, a regional winner in watercolour challenge and one of the artists selected to paint the royal flotilla from the bridge, introduced himself and his work with amusing anecdotes. He bravely showed the first piece of work he had framed, pointing out faults and leading us into a short explanation of his “5 C’s of painting” Concept, Composition, Contrast, Colour and Completion. A mantra he uses to help him teach art on Cruise Ships, a hard job but somebody has to do it!

Robert proceeded to demonstrate his approach to line and wash using a rigger brush (a progression from a sharpened matchstick) and Indian ink to draw directly onto the page commenting on concept and composition. After a short drying time and tea break, Robert applied washes of colour all the time generously sharing tips and techniques. There was an audible intake of breath from many in the audience when Robert washed over some areas with a dark wash for shadows, providing dramatic contrast and achieving completion.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening seemed to be had by all. It was also lovely to welcome so many new members.


Written by Mel Makinson , Photos by Emily Pool 

Photos by Emily Pool