Japanese Woodblock Printing by Laura Boswell

Tuesday 9th October 2012 

On the 9th October I went to my very first Buckingham Art For All (Bafa) meeting. Bafa is a wonderful group for artists living in and around Buckingham... Laura began by talking about her eight week residency at Nagasawa Art Park in Japan, working under the guidance of master craftsmen and artists. Laura showed us some wonderful slides of the Japanese countryside where she stayed, including one that showed the resident bugs that she had to share her living quarters with which made everyone gasp and wriggle with horror! We were also shown a fascinating slide taken of four men in a paper factory making a very large sheet of mulberry paper. We learned a little about Japanese culture and attitudes and got a feel for the importance the Japanese place on this craft. Laura talked about suitable types of paper and wood to use and showed us images of the brushes and cutters needed. She also talked about various methods of sharpening the cutters.


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Written by Alexandra Buckle, Photos by Clare Tebboth

Photographs courtesy of Clare Tebboth