by Guy St John Scott

Tuesday 8th February 2011 

Guy started his talk with a brief overview of perspective. And the importance of noting one's position before leaving a sitting. That is if you intend to return! Especially if perspective is to work correctly.


He illustrated the various details with many, highly detailed drawings.

Which we were then privileged to examine in close detail.


Guy shared that mistakes are inevitable when drawing in ink but he overcomes these by doing the initial drawing in pencil or old pen which is beginning to run dry.


Guy has certainly had an interesting life! Sharing numerous anecdotes about his travels and especially his time in Nepal. These Nepal pictures came with many stories about the characters of the sitters. The locals being keen to be drawn as the pay was greater than their usual daily wage. Some were tales of astute business entrepreneurs keen to milk the tourist market!


The circumstances of the landscape sketches were equally as enlightening.



Guy finished his talk with a question and answer session. Fielding many questions from the floor about technique and his drawings.

Cathy Read 28th February 2011

Photographs courtesy of Cathy Read