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The following members and services of Bafa can be contacted as follows: -

Name Position Telephone Email
Clare Tebboth
(For any comments or suggestions; information about Bafa)
Chair 0843 289 7244
Helen Shaw

Vice Chair & Treasurer

0843 289 7244

Emily Pool
(To renew, join or ask about the membership)

Vice Chair & Membership

0843 289 7244
Abby Cork (For press, publicity and marketing) Publicity 0843 289 7244

Mel Makinson Committee
0843 289 7244


James Rowell Committee
0843 289 7244


Dinah Longland

Committee  Member

0843 289 7244


Web Designer

Our contact details are shown above.

The phone number is run by an automatic switchboard and will try to connect you to a member of the committee to help you with your query. 

Drop us an email to let us know how we are doing or make suggestions as to how we can make things even better!